Pugged Code - What’s in a name?

Vincent has been asked several times recently why the company is called Pugged Code; so here's his explanation. 

Whatever name one chooses for a business, it should have brand distinctiveness. Just look at Apple. When they chose Apple every other company in the field were either using the names of founders e.g. Hewlett and Packard, or acronyms of their original names, e.g. International Business Machines as IBM. Apple was soon joined by other plant-based computers such as Tulip and Acorn. Now there’s Rasberry Pi and ARM are working on a Morello platform which will run CHERI software from the University of Cambridge.

When deciding on the name, Jeremy’s three pug dogs were being enthusiastic for attention so they became one possibility. Jeremy has been writing programs and investigating computers and software since he was eleven. Dogs and code.  So there was the start of a potential name.  Pugged Code would stand out from all the companies with references in their names to cyber, or crypto- , or security.  Moreover, a dog would stand out from abstract angular or curvy logos.  But there is more to the story.

At the time Vincent was a part-time student on a degree course in Contemporary Crafts.  In the ceramics studio was a pug mill. One places various amounts of distinguishable clay in at one end and out of the other end comes a uniform mush of clay. This seemed to be a good metaphor for what the technology does; take the rhythmical patterns of the encryption process and turn them into an uniform mush. Effectively, we “pug” code using our technology which we call pugmilling.