PugMill Independent Testing

The preliminary report of our independent testers is out - and we pass with flying colours! Over one million traces and no correlations found for any of the sub-keys of AES running with one encryption key. Without PugMill the full key can typically be found with 50-150 traces.

Dr Jon Purdy and his software savvy son, Josh, used an Arduino and Chipwhisperer as the test platform, which generally makes it easy to gather leaked power consumption data. They even added timing signals to make data gathering easier still. Josh wrote the software to display the results as heat maps, which went red pretty quickly for standard AES but stayed that beautiful blue for the full PugMill. The set-up was guided by the Durvauxs' 2020 paper and Prof. Bill Buchanan's team's 2016 paper. Both these papers show how easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive it is to mount side channel attacks and gain encryption keys.

Please contact us if you would like to see the full report or think that you could break a Blackbox PugMill.