• Vincent Lyles

Side Channel Attack from 10 metres away

Another paper from Eran Tromer's team, this time 2014. They clearlydemonstrate that the electric potential on a laptop’s chassis and external ports can measured from very far away. They were able to measure the chassis potential using the far end of a 10m Ethernet cable. And Ethernet cables often span long distances, across and between building floors. An attacker who gains access to the far side of the cable or taps the shield along the way, can measure the approximate chassis potential and use that to mount a SCA for encryption keys. Crucially, the attacker’s only point of contact is the far side of the cable shield. Moreover, the attack does not utilize the data transmitted over the cable, and is oblivious to whether the port is even enabled. So how safe is company data with your Working From Home members of staff? Just how safe is your data in buildings with integrated internet services?

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