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Team Dynamics

Jeremy and Vincent have known each other for almost 10 years. They met when Jeremy was a general practitioner treating military personnel and Vincent was the physiotherapist for that site. They would liaise over patient needs, and have three-way discussions with patients who had complex needs. In downtimes like lunch breaks they enjoyed diversions into a myriad of topics.

After four years of too much commuting, Vincent handed in his letter of resignation. Jeremy said “Oh that’s great!” - this perturbed Vincent until Jeremy said - “I can stop being your line manager and we can be true friends". The friendship developed and they have maintained a great working relationship.

Jeremy knew of Vincent’s past in patents and when he started telling Vincent about his idea, which has become Pugged Code, Vincent confirmed that it should be patentable and, they both thought, commercially viable. They talked about the idea repeatedly and those conversations have led to many refinements. Vincent would often be "Mr Ignorant" [in the true sense not knowing] and ask questions that sometimes got responses from Jeremy of “Oh?", “Ah?" and “we can do it differently!"  Jeremy did all the inventing.

Jeremy's passion for computing has driven his research, his investigations and understanding.  He truly works “outside the box" because he has not gone through the formal framework of undergraduate computing, postgraduate study, and research. That said, he did complete an MSc by research in computing while he worked for the Ministry of Defence.  Jeremy submitted a paper based on his MSc to the London Mathematical Society and they welcomed him in.  

Both Jeremy and Vincent have well developed people skills from working with patients.  Moreover, they each have confidence in the other’s abilities; Vincent in Jeremy's understanding of the technology & computing while Jeremy has confidence in Vincent’s abilities to move the business forwards from a small start-up to a fully fledged company. 

Before working with Jeremy, Vincent ran his own private physiotherapy practice, and successfully negotiated with the local NHS, BUPA, and insurance companies over services and fees.  He found the NHS work most satisfying but the landscape was changing:  Stop treating patients and become a full time business manager of a large regional service, or close the practice and seek patients elsewhere.  He chose the latter because large corporate financial concerns were limiting his freedom to treat patients as individuals. Now, Pugged Code is a different business model in a different sector at a different time.  Accordingly, Vincent is enjoying the challenge of growing the business.

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