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End-to-end encryption has become ubiquitous and supposedly secures our connected world. However most people don't realise[1] that our data is still vulnerable while it is being encrypted and decrypted. The processes of encryption and decryption leak data and are vulnerable to Side Channel Attacks [SCAs].

SCAs are becoming much easier to mount, they are fast becoming a game changing security threat. The work of Eran Tromer’s Team in Tel Aviv has shown how easy it is to mount attacks to collect leaked data by touching the body of a laptop, or using a cheap radio, or a small concealed device inside a pita bread, or by collecting sound from 10 metres away!  His team also show how easy it is to find the encryption key from the leaked data [2]. Once a hacker has the encryption key, all secrecy is lost.

Now Pugged Code has developed and is patenting technology that can neutralise the threat. This turns the recognisable patterns of data into “white noise”.  The attacker no longer has the rhythmical patterns to analyse and therefore cannot find the key.  Our invention is underpinned by unshakeable maths and physics.  Our independent tester has run a million traces and found no sign of any part of the encryption key.  In contrast standard AES keys can be found within 50 traces.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help secure your systems, please get in touch...

[1] From our survey of 100+ IT professionals at RSAC 2020.


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